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Have you (neurologically) Immunised your Athlete?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

In a study compiled by the UCL Institute of Child Health and the UK’s Great Ormond St Hospital it states that: In 2002 89% of all UK children were immunised against the Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses. This left only 11% of unprotected children exposed to the virus.

These impressive statistics are helping to drive Health practitioners and parents across many countries to immunise their children, as there is clear evidence it is smart, effective and responsible parenting.

So what is immunisation and what has it got to do with sport?

Immunisation is an orchestrated exposure that allows the body to learn just how best to manage and deal with the real thing.
It’s effectively training the body to cope under attack and strategises its defence.

Once exposed the Human body creates a blue print of how the intruder is constructed and how it is best defeated, before storing this vital information as a chemical recipe within the bodies cellular system ready for any potential invader.

So clearly immunising our bodies from potential threats is a responsible and effective form of risk management. And is something that could and indeed should be applied to many areas of our lives from a welfare and development perspective.

Yet we are increasingly exposing our athletes to potentially short and long-term psychological detriment from such invaders as physical and psychological fatigue, depression, poor self-esteem, unachieved potential, to name just a few and all without any form of effective ‘immunisation.’

If exposing our bodies to a controlled and specifically designed synthesised virus protects us from its potentially harmful origins by building our immune system data base – then surely why wouldn’t you utilise this same proven science to immunise your athlete’s mind?

By neurologically walking the athlete through their preparation, competition, training and emotional build-up we can help them build a healthy neurological immunity date base to protect against their potential negative effects.

This is achieved by allowing the athlete’s mind to take ownership of its journey through the athlete’s effective and fertile imagination – utilising visualisation training harnessed with hemisphere stimulation.

We are all aware that ‘practice makes perfect’ so why not ensure your athlete practices how they would deal with competition specifics, technical moves, skills, stresses, emotional situations, fatigue even pain.

All within a safe, nurturing and educational environment that creates a lasting and powerful blueprint for the athlete to fall back on in times of heightened physical and emotional stress.

Through deeply layered and carefully constructed visualisation we covertly layer available options into the subconscious, leaving efficient desirable strategies available to the athlete.

This along with specifically targeted hemisphere stimulation impregnates this into their neurology building effective neural pathways.
By specifically crafting the visualisation you can control and directly dissociate the athlete from the harshness of some issues yet effectively allow them to create a connection to the desirable outcomes on their own terms.

We know increased emotion depletes the body of oxygen and inhibits the free-flow of muscle action.

The athlete can then make their own associations on their own level and in their own time – creating long-term sustainability dissipating the emotional attachments.

This allows the athlete to explore the different strategies open to them without feeling manipulated and or pressured into an ill-fitting outcome. By allowing them a certain amount of creative and imaginative freedom an athlete will gain ownership to their journey.

This ownership will embed the strategies deep within their neurology ready for any potential exposures in the future just as immunisation does to the body.