Your Biggest Sporting Performance Fear, Rewired

What scares you the most?


What scares you so much it totally impacts on your life, your decisions, relationships, professional integrity and your sporting performance?

Do you think about those fears multiple times a day, do they consume your every thought, direct your actions and force change to your desired or planned path?

In many people ‘Fear’ can be crippling, debilitating, it can stop them doing things that add depth and dimension to their life and fear can also inhibit their interaction with people and groups and limit their perception of options.

What would you realistically do to eradicate those fears from your life, to take back control of your outcomes and live a more responsive existence?

And what would you do differently if you didn’t have the fear hanging over your head?

Consider this: do you consider yourself an imaginative and mentally creative person? Someone who has a good imagination, someone who processes in 3D mental images, who can see great detail in their thoughts? If so, then your ‘Fears’ can hold a greater reality for you, the monster in the closet will seem all that more realistic, animated and tailored to you.

That’s not to say those who are more analytical processors don’t have fears, they do. Their fears are constructed a little differently – more based on their perception of logical outcomes rather than imagined possibilities – yet no less debilitating.

So what is fear?

Fear is simply the result of our own semi-irrational creations of possible outcomes, what we imagine COULD happen IF the THING was to take place.

Think back to your own fear – is your fear based on an actual proven event or the possibility of the event?

Fear is our brain’s internal self-preservation process. It’s our own a way of preparing us for the worst-case scenario and in order to cater for the absolute worst case-scenario we have to first imagine the worst case-scenario!

And then we cannot un-think what we have first thought.

It is this over active imaginative process that allows our brain to continually add more and more emotional weight to our fears, giving them dimension, perspective and life. And of course the more weight that we add the more realistic, probable and alive it appears to us.

It is important to understand that fear is merely an emotion, built on the same construction process as say happiness. Fear is an internally primed and cultivated chemical blueprint of how to respond to an event or potential event.

As with all emotional reactions when the emotion is removed from the reality the details become clearer and more manageable.

However when it is left to cloud the mind, it increases our emotional fogginess and disables our logical thought process, which inhibits us from putting the THING into perspective.

So, once we understand why we feel fear, how do we realistically manage fear? Especially a fear that has such a hold over us!

The good news is the same imagination process that created the monster can tame the monster. If we use our active imagination not to create the fine, realistic details of what could go wrong but to visualise action steps and a structured strategy towards what you want to happen and subsequently avoid the worst case-scenario. This gives our brain effective, realistic and applicable options.

We can lower our emotional anxiety, create greater clarity of thought and keep it all in perspective with effective and realistic visualisation.

So stop feeding the emotional monster and put it to good creative work.

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