Dave Diggle – The Behaviour Consultant

On this blog I will be sharing a number of key philosophies with you from several different modalities of mind management, not all will be sport focused but all share a common theme, or message.

A message of taking ownership, maintaining control of your learning, your career and your performance, and things are rarely as they seem. In order to achieve and create sustainability in your sport – it isn’t enough to just be reactionary to your environment, you must also be proactive and constructive.

Designing exactly what you want, creating an effective and achievable path and setting about following it step by step with clear concise rewardable KPIs.

Having a blueprint eliminates a great deal of the anxiety, as anxiety increases confusion, physical and emotional fatigue and depletes motivation. So a well thought out and designed blueprint has massive benefits to your sustainability and achievability.


If you prefer to read – here is the full transcription:

My name Dave Diggle.  I’m the Behaviour Consultant, and this is my office.

We are specialists in the field of human behaviour and behavioural diagnostics.  One of the things we do better than anybody else is understanding why people behave the way they do.  Specializing in the field of elite sport, we work alongside athletes and coaches on peak mind performance to any physical ability into the difference that makes a champion.  Three specific programs, we educate the athlete and the coach how to maximize on this peak performance body they have with visualization training, with neurological stimulation exercises, and with competition strategies.  We have worked with some of the top athletes around the world in improving their game.

One of the key benefits of neurological training is it minimizes fatigue both physically, emotionally, and mentally.  You can train in all weathers and without incurring injuries.  Each week, we’ll have a 5-minute coaching session here on this blog and it will deal with issues that parents, coaches, and athletes face on a day-to-day basis who look at strategies, training programs and what you can do to improve your program.

If you have a question that you’d like us to deal with, please contact us here at DaveDiggle.com

Consider you and your sport, are everybody else physically more fitter than you?  Or do they have better equipment than you?  Probably not.  So what is the difference that makes the difference?  The only thing you have that they don’t have is your brain.  How are you conditioning it?  Are you maximizing on your potential?  Your body is like a Formula One racing car.  Are you driving it, as well as you know you can be different?  Or do you know it could give you more, you’re just not quite sure how to get there.

So what are you doing to maximise then your performance?  We are the difference that makes the difference.  We help you turn your physical ability into a winning combination.

Let us teach you how to be a champion – utilising high performance mind coaching.

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