Mind Over Machine

Mind over Machine – “Book me in for a service!”

I hear the deafening thump, thump of my heart flooding my ears as I climb into my sleek, sexy racing car. I clutch the wheel tightly; my sweaty hands make it difficult to get a comfortable grip through my gloves. I hear my heavy breathing as I watch my breath misting my visor.

The deep rumble of the hot engine behind me is shaking my bones as I watch the lights intently… mesmerised – they turn amber, amber, green. The flag is dropped and everything kicks in.

Suddenly, I push the accelerator as hard and as fast as I can, releasing the clutch at the same time, watching the track and listening to the rev counter, shifting gears at lighting speed. “Left hand down, right, right,” I tell myself as a cluster of cars in front of me begin zig-zagging and jostle for position. I hear the engine screaming almost in pain and the smell of the octane fills my nostrils. And there in front of me – the finishing line – but it’s never a finishing line – merely an indicator that its onto the next race.

It’s just another day at the track. It’s just another day as a high performance driver. And I love it.

As I pull into the pits, the car is immediately taken away from me and plugged into a plethora of diagnostic computers, assessing and plotting the car’s performance second by second, inch by inch. They are like a team of ER trauma specialist working on my car. The bleeps on the computer screen replay the race again and again as the technicians try to live, breath and feel what the car could feel as they attempt to shave that elusive 100th of a second off the lap time, striving for mechanical perfection.

Historically, this is how motor racing developed: trial and error and eager technicians tinkering with the mechanical hardware as their greasy hand scratch their heads. It was and still is a secret world, one where great friends as well as archrivals refuse to talk about ‘their’ machine.

Today, however, the future of the sport takes a new step forward a far more scientific view by considering the driver as just another integral aspect of this intricate mechanism to be fine-tuned and analysed before and after each race.

And why not? Considering the human brain is arguably the most efficient and yet complex piece of hardware known to man and it wouldn’t matter how good your car is – if the driver isn’t performing then you are not winning.

As a high performance driver, you manoeuvre your four-wheeled rocket around tight chicanes and into a straight at 230 miles an hour at 4 Gs, your job paralleling that of a fighter pilot in combat. One wrong move at this speed and it may not only be the race you lose.

Now, as with all new challenges there is a new solution to the old problems associated with the trial and error method, this solution places you, the driver, at the cutting edge of neurological technology. This time it’s not mechanical advancements; it’s you and your brain understanding advancements!

You need that precision mindset to take your race to the next level, to match the increased performance of the machine, to get the most from the vehicle, the track and yourself. It is not just about wanting to win, it is about being able to win.

It is about training your brain to cope with the complex split decision-making and reaction speed required to be a top level high performance driver and live to tell your tail.

Let’s face it, your machine is just as good as the rest of the racing fields, the technology tweaking your car is tweaking theirs too – but are you just as good or are you better? Having a precision mindset on your side will give you the advantage of a finely tuned, well trained and maintained neurological weapon.

Having a tuned machine, fit body and sharp, instinctive mind gives you as a driver the perfect poll position – the next corner belongs to you as you react faster, precise and with confidence.

Dave Diggle, heads a group of international mind management specialists, coaching you to maximise the potential of your brain’s rapid response, enabling you to better understand the machine you drive, and the body you control.

Scientifically designed and individually tailored training programmes allow you to win the race long before you step out onto the tarmac, before the first vehicle is rolled off the truck and before the first engine is fired up. So before your competitors realise this is the next step forward, take action and book your Mind Mechanic, service your brain and tailor your training.

Don’t be left behind by standing still. Accelerate your advantage by getting that precision mindset.

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