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Bringing It! TaeKwondo Blackbelt Style!

Monday, August 8th, 2011


As many of you would know I like to close ‘loops’ (at strategic points in time of course) and so as a follow up to previous blog posts on Point To Point and Re-Patterning Visualisation where we discussed my son’s structured and strategic progress up the Taekwondo belt rankings.

Going from a youngster who couldn’t string more then two tasks together to over the last couple of weekends going through his grading process for his black belt in Taekwondo.

This required in-depth knowledge of various skills, including:

  • multiple patterns raging from 9 to 38 moves in sequential order
  • detailed knowledge of punches, blocks, kicks and defence moves
  • weapon sequences
  • board breaking and
  • multiple attacker defence

He put everything he had learned into practice; effectively managing his nerves to perform outstandingly well and obtain his First Dan Black Belt – the day after his 13th birthday.

Well done Son.